When selling your property, you might think that you don’t really need to upgrade it in order to secure a good sale price. While it’s true that your home will sell, the question is: ” Why not aim for the most substantial investment?”

This is where our Renovate to Sell service comes in.

Through this service, we take the initiative to renovate your home using our funds with the aim of maximizing your profit from the sale.

Why settle for a standard sale when you can leverage our program to enhance the value of your property?

What to Do Before Selling Your Property

We understand the upgrades that yield the highest value, and we undertake them before listing your home, all at no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint and new door handles for a subtle enhancement or more substantial upgrades for a higher return on your house or condo sale, we prioritize renovations that deliver the most significant return on investment and maximize your profit.

Here’s our 4-step process to go about renovating your property to sell it for a higher profit:

Step 1:

We conduct a thorough tour of your property to identify opportunities for adding resale value. Our focus is on projects that deliver the highest value for the lowest cost. This way, we can ensure a significant return on investment and more money in your pocket.

After that, we’ll then provide you with a detailed estimate of renovation costs. Importantly, you only pay for these renovations upon the successful sale of your property.

Step 2:

After conducting a house tour, our real estate expert then conducts a market review and assesses the current state of your home to provide an initial estimate of its resale value.

We will reassess and provide you with an updated estimate of the increased resale value to showcase the positive impact of the improvements on your property’s overall worth.

Step 3:

After receiving approval, our team then gets started with the approved renovations and upgrades.

We prioritize speed and top-notch quality. The finished job is not only completed promptly but also boasts unparalleled quality, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers and enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

Step 4:

Lastly, our real estate experts will then take charge of staging your home and preparing all listing and marketing materials. Upon a successful sale, we collect our fees, which include the renovation costs and traditional real estate listing fees.

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for you.