A DECADE of Photography!

Celebrating 10 years of providing photography services in the real estate market!

PrepTours – (Professional Real Estate Photography) started from a need from both realtors and photographers. Realtors needed a resource of professional photographers to showcase their listings, and the photographers in the industry needed a structure and community that was designed to support them!

PrepTours began in Edmonton, Alberta with just 1 realtor and 2 photographers and has developed into a Full-Service Real Estate Media Company with 40 photographers located across Canada!

Our Prep Community has truly been the secret to our success. Our photographers are a part of a unique team of talented people who share, learn, and care about each other, and our clients.

It’s an ever-changing industry, which is exciting to face with our team of diverse individuals. Our ownership group consists mainly of photographers and videographers who are leaders and innovators. It keeps us responding quickly to new technology and in our passion for learning new skills.

It’s been an amazing ten years with so much growth and change! We can’t wait for what’s to come next!

~ Photography is the art of observation.

PREP Tours is now part of the OTBx Group of Companies

Outside The Bx Inc. (o/a OTBx Air) recently announced the acquisition of PREPTours Inc., a leading real estate photography and videography company from Western Canada…